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In a world where aesthetics is just as important as product functionality, packaging is at the forefront of consumer product manufacturers.

The evolution of packaging solutions opens new perspectives and technologies, the application of which, for the majority, is associated with complex processes of adaptation and organization of production processes. But thanks to cooperation on a contractual basis, with companies such as the AL DARIA INTERNATIONAL FZE, new opportunities are opening for manufacturers, due to several advantages - 7 of which we will highlight and present below:

Less investment, high profit

AL DARIA INTERNATIONAL FZE - equipped with the most modern equipment for various purposes. There is a full staff of all employees and personnel ensuring effective work of the enterprise. The presence of suppliers, materials, all necessary quality certificates and internal infrastructures - excludes many investments and global organizational processes for a client

More flexibility

It often happens that enterprises cannot experiment with packaging options due to the lack of infrastructure, machines and / or creative team. By choosing contract packaging, they can easily identify various packaging options for their products with great flexibility.

Quick exit

Another advantage of using contract packing services is the quick shutdown of a project, without incurring losses in previously organized processes. And just as important, it is possible to launch the project just as quickly after a long pause.


Guaranteed stability

Responsibility for carrying out the project according to the specifications required for the customer and within the required time limits increases the guarantee of availability of product of good quality on the shelves, which is confirmed by official contracts and compliance protocols.

Optimize the production process

Most of our services have a narrow specialization of highly professional quality, such as product labelling, the formation of shaped packaging, the installation of complex zip-locks and other specialized technologies that are not individually cost-effective for manufacturers.

Reduces labour requirements.

After you outsource packaging and packaging services, you can easily reduce your work force, reduce the cost of training, maintain and upgrade equipment, and eliminate installation and purchase fees.

Best option for short / seasonal packaging.

Many companies seek seasonal packaging that is creative, but also cost-effective. It is here that the correctly chosen Co-packer plays an important role. It will be reliable, experienced specialists of the AL DARIA INTERNATIONAL FZE, could understand the specific packaging requirements and offer the most effective and inexpensive packaging solutions for any occasion.


About Aldaria

For over 9 years, Our company has been present on the market of Tea packaging and packaging.Our team is one of the first in the GCC market, it has begun to actively promote modern solutions for promotional packaging of goods.

Using the successful experience of foreign companies, adapting solutions for domestic consumers, we have become not only a performer, but also a developer of new effective solutions.Having secured the confidence of the largest FMCG manufacturers of food products, we retain the status of an expert and reliable partner in Co-packing of Tea.

Aldaria co-packing

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Aldaria Tea

Aldaria Tea

Pure tea, Which Is Renowed Throughout The World

For Its Distinctive Flavour, Aroma And Bouquet, Can Be Categorized Into Hihg-grown, Mid Grown And Low-grown Teas, Eachcatering To Different Tastes And National Preferences. Our Teas Are Sources From Reputed Tea Estates With An Established Reputation For Quality, Ethical Production And Environment-friendly Practices.

We Offer These Orthodox Teas, As Well As Blend, Which Are Aimed At Specialized Consumer Preferences And Niche Markets. These Are Availbale In Bulk Or Packages Form, In Addition To Packed And Branded Tea, According Buyer Needs.

We Also Offer Flavoured And Specialized Teas, A Wide Range Of Verities. Quality Of Our Teas Is Ensured Through Our New Stores And Blending Facility, Fully Equiped Tea Tasting Room And Quality Control Unit.

MAY 16, 2018

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