6 Tea Blends With Awesome Nutritional Values

6 Tea Blends With Awesome Nutritional Values
4 years ago
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For decades, tea has been used to cure different ailments. Even today, the drink is used to protect and improve our health. Sadly, many who could reap the benefits from the natural ingredients and antioxidants in a fine herbal tea think that drinking a hot or iced tea doesn’t suit their taste.

Fortunately, now there are so many combinations and flavors of natural teas that can keep everyone happy and healthy. Daria International’s wide range of herbal teas is exactly doing that. The company offers six different varieties of pure tea:

·        Special Mix

·        Mix with Herbs

·        Flavored

·        Mix Fruits

·        Green Tea

·        Black Tea

All these teas offer great nutritional and health values.

1.      Special Mix Tea

This tea is in high demand due to its mesmerizing aroma, delectable flavor, briskness, high nutritional content, less amount of caffeine and other essential nutrients that lowers the risk of cancer. 

2.      Mix with Herbs Tea

This soothing herbal tea has a lavender scent that alone can lower stress levels and help you relax. While mint properties improve digestion and make your stomach smoother. On the other hand, the chamomile components help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

3.      Flavored Tea

Our flavored tea has herbs, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, and other natural ingredients to boost its flavor. This beautifully blended tea is so flavorful that it will leave you craving for more. 

4.      Mix Fruits Tea

We made it with 100% natural fruits bursting with flavor, so you can relish every single cup. From the latest flavor trends to tea cupboard essentials, we have infused more than 50 blends. These versatile blends can be enjoyed cold or hot during any season. 

5.      Green Tea

Made from Camellia Sinensis leaves that are immediately pan-fired or steamed so they never get exposed to air. As a result, no oxidation occurs and you’ll get a delicate brew that is lower in caffeine than Oolong and black teas.

6.      Black Tea

Our black tea comes from Camellia Sinensis leaves that are first crushed and then exposed to air. This way oxidation produces a brew that rich in color and taste. Something you can use to start your day.