6Valuable Reasons to Invest in Good Tea Packaging (Part 2)

6Valuable Reasons to Invest in Good Tea Packaging (Part 2)
1 year ago
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Reason #4: An Assurance for Online Buyers

When it comes to digital buyers, quality tea packaging gives customers assurance that every dollar they have spent is worth it. In addition, packaging enables your brand to offer a tangible digital experience. Of course, it’s an opportunity for luxury brands to serve their customers with a little extra. But for brands that purely exists online or are looking to grab some share in the market can quickly gain recognition with good packaging.

Reason #5: Could Cost You More Than You Think

Failure to give quality packaging and design can have a direct impact on tea manufacturer’s bottom line. Not only it will reduce your sales but also squeeze margins because you won’t be able to position your tea as per its value-oriented price point. Poor tea packaging can also negatively affect the weight and size of the product. Plus, you will face storage and logistic issues. And let’s not forget that poor packaging can affect the speed and cost of production too. It is for this reason good packaging is considered a part of product development rather an afterthought.

Reason #6: It’s aPart of Customer Experience

For many customers, unboxing the product is as important as the joy of using it. Sure, packaging can play a vital role in offering a luxurious experience for a quality product, but it can also deliver critical trust signals for everyday products. This can be the freshness of ingredients in the packaging or authenticity of fair trade. 

Parting Advice

Daria International knows most businesses understand the value of investing in product packaging. Yet, there are some that still consider it an additional expense. Such businesses need to realize that the best packaging can go a long way. For example, good packaging can allow a consumer to carry your product proudly on their commute because a sublime box or pack is what that makes a brand or product recognizable. Furthermore, packaging can serve as a trigger when it comes to the storytelling aspect and reinforcing familiarity.