Are Tea Bags Still in Demand

Are Tea Bags Still in Demand
4 years ago
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The tea bag was first discovered in the 1900s, when one of the leading tea suppliers, Thomas Sullivan accidentally used attractive hand-tied silk pouch to share quality tea samples with his potential clients. The convenience of using simple little bags instantly caught attention and the rest is history.

Even though true tea enthusiasts usually deny using tea bags when brewing, stats revealed that roughly 98 percent of the tea brewed in the United States use a tea bag, 96 percent in the United Kingdom, and a substantial majority across the globe use the tea packaging when brewing their first cup of tea in the morning.  

In fact, experts are of the view tea bag gives tea vendors a better chance to grow their market because it an excellent way to first introduce a casual customer to a fine tea.

However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to tea packaging. Not only this includes the shape and style of the packaging, but also the material it is made from and the production process. Not to forget, tea manufacturers have to actively anticipate the needs of their consumers too.

So decisions need to be made whether one should opt for single or double chamber bag, rectangular, pyramid, round or square shape and go with or without string. The next consideration is what material should be used to make the tea packaging: cotton muslin, cornstarch "soilon", silk, gauze or non-biodegradable nylon.

Most of all, how the tea bag should be sealed? Should it be glued, stapled or sealed with ultrasound?      

If it seems like a daunting task you can always acquire the services of a professional packaging firm like Daria International that offers quality packaging solutions to enhance the tea experience. The GCC based firm offers six different tea packaging solutions that are designed to meet the needs of tea suppliers and manufacturers.   

Daria can help you decipher which types and styles of tea bags or packaging are being offered today, which one can fade away and which ones have the staying power. So you can use the best solution to grow your market rather making a costly mistake.