How Innovative Packaging Can Resolve Tea Manufacturers Biggest Problem?

How Innovative Packaging Can Resolve Tea Manufacturers Biggest Problem?
4 years ago
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For centuries, tea has remained the number one beverage around the globe. Thanks to the rigorous work that goes into the brewing and drinking experience, the drink has become an integral part of many cultures. However, owing to the increased desire to taper additives and harmful ingredients, health-conscious consumers are now actively seeking organic and healthier beverages.

As a result, tea sale has fallen over the past few years. To top it off, the governments around the world are introducing new regulations that are pressing tea manufacturers to cut the amount of added sugar in their drinks.

How Can Tea Manufacturers Tackle this Problem?

Smart brands are using tea packaging to communicate more than just their names. They are leveraging innovative packaging solutions to promote the healthful benefits of the drink and a tremendous amount of other information within seconds.

In fact, some are even using them to remind consumers about alternative or other drinks they may have. For instance, green tea together with herbal and fruit varieties is actually good for health as it is rich in polyphenols that reduces inflammation and helps fight cancer. But…

Can Tea Packaging Help You Leap Ahead of the Competition?

Today, health-conscious consumers aren’t just worried about the artificial and harmful ingredients manufacturers are adding to their drinks, they are also concerned about the poor packaging that could contaminate the ingredients inside.

Stand up pouches are gaining a lot of traction these days. Made of laminated layers of food-grade, the barrier film is FDA-approved and hold up well to the oils that abrade on tea without affecting the flavor or quality of the product.

Using the stand-up pouches, brands can drastically boost their sales as its 100% recyclable and seals the aromatic properties of the tea leaves with a re-closable seal that keeps air from entering. It will allow them to deliver the desired quality to the end consumer.


All in all, packaging can make or break the perception of consumers about a product. This is why choosing the right tea packaging is so important.