How to Control Your Diabetes Naturally with Herbal Teas?

How to Control Your Diabetes Naturally with Herbal Teas?
4 years ago
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Diabetes is one of the perilous diseases that engulfs a major population in the world. According to the latest statistics, about 50% of the world is either affected or likely to get affected by it. While Type 1 diabetes hasn’t much to do with the lifestyle, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits can certainly increase the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Unfortunately, medical science hasn't discovered any cure for this disease but there are some known medical treatments that can help you control diabetes. But herbal teas can let you naturally control diabetes without any negative side effects. But one must first consult their physician before consuming herbal tea because its medicated values can interfere with your ongoing treatments.

Here are the three best herbal teas that possess blood sugar-lowering properties.

·         Black Tea

In 2012, a study published in ‘Preventative Medicine’ black tea is excellent for healthy blood sugar. The researchers analyzed the effects of black tea in healthy people and found that after consuming the herbal tea for 12 weeks their blood sugar has reduced by 18%, which according to researchers was highly significant. In addition, they witnessed a substantial reduction in triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (a bad form of cholesterol).    

·         Green Tea

A 2013 study published by ‘The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed drinking green tea greatly reduces hemoglobin A1c and fasting blood sugar. HbA1c is an important indicator of consistent blood sugar control that is regularly measured in people suffering from diabetes to make sure their blood sugar is properly managed.     

·         Oolong Tea

This is another herbal tea that lowers blood sugar but only in individuals who have diabetes. According to the research published in ‘Diabetes Care’, oolong tea significantly reduces blood sugar in people, who have type 2 diabetes. But another study published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ failed to find any significant effect of the herbal tea on blood sugar in non-diabetics.