What to Consider When Choosing a Tea Packaging?

What to Consider When Choosing a Tea Packaging?
4 years ago
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An interesting and eye-catching tea packaging can help brands make a statement in a crowded market space. This means the packaging should not only be stunning but has to be functional and practical as well.

At Daria International, we manufacture and supply packaging specifically for the tea industry. To help our clients achieve their business goals, we focus on delivering high-quality packaging solutions within time and budget by maintaining fair pricing.

In this guide, we will help you consider what to look for when choosing a tea packaging solution in order to save you time, money, and hassle.

Make Sure its Air Tight

Like many products, constant exposure to oxygen and moisture can deteriorate the quality of tea. So if you are choosing a bag make sure it has a zip closure. Not only it will allow the consumers to open and re-close the tea bag with ease, but also keep the product as fresh as possible.

Take Material into Account

The best material for tea packaging can vary depending on how long you would like to keep it freshness. Materials like foil can keep your tea fresh for a longer period than a simple paper bag.

Think About Sustainability

Consumers are well aware of the environmental impact, so if you’re one of those tea manufacturers that are trying to be good to the mother nature, there’s no harm in bragging about it.

Make Your Label Stand Out

The material you will choose for your tea packaging can affect how your label stands out on that shelf. You need to ensure that both your material and label should be consistent with the personality of your brand.

Ensure its Self-Standing

It’s normal to find tea sold in tins and boxes. But, if you are opting for a pouch or bag make sure it's self-standing. Else, it can hurt your sales and image.